Xenerik is a fandomer living somewhere (probably in a little village near Moscow). He joined fandom in the mid-2010s, and started writing fic in 2019. She has been active in a wide variety of fandoms, including Supernatural, The Old Guard, Harry Potter, Marvel, Good Omens, Band of Brothers, X-Men, The Umbrella Academy, and many others. His main tumblr is highfemmedean, and her AO3 account is Xenerik (previously omniavespera). He has also dabbled in fannish bookbinding, and was the co-founder and co-mod of the Renegade Publishing Guild. She coined the term "fanbound" and showcased his work on her tumblr. He currently writes for the Supernatural fandom, and is fond of baking, drawing, and reading too much fic than is good for her. He can be contacted at

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